April Monthly Special at The Light House

Just in time for spring, The Light House is having a sale on outdoor lighting! All of our outdoor lighting is 25% off throughout the entire month of April. We are also offering $20 off any bath fixture and $20 off any table lamp. These special deals end on Thursday, April 30. Customers are urged to come in as soon as possible to take advantage of these great sales! We have plenty of these items in stock, as well as many others!

There are plenty of benefits to adding outdoor lighting to your yard and landscaping. Outdoor lighting can add both beauty and functionality to your landscaping.

The obvious reason you should add outdoor lighting to your landscaping and yard is because it can really enhance how your yard looks during the night time hours. You can use the lights to draw the eye to a focal point in your landscaping, like a particular tree, plant, shrub or another part of your landscaping that you are particularly proud of. Or you can use it to draw the eye to part of your home’s exterior, like a patio or another feature.

Some practical reasons include safety and security. Outdoor lighting can make it safer to get around your yard and landscaping after the sun goes down. And if you are entertaining guests who are not familiar with your property, it is easier and safer for them to get around and to go back and forth between the outside and inside of your home.

Outdoor lighting also makes it easier for you to enjoy your landscaping and outdoor oasis after the sun goes down. So it gives you a way to continue to relax even after the sun has set and you would normally have to go back inside because it’s difficult to see. Plus, it can also be a great theft deterrent. A well-lit home exterior makes it more difficult for someone to sneak around your property and cause trouble or break into your home and steal your belongings. And if you hear a strange noise in your backyard at night, you can easily flip a switch from the safety of your home to see if there are any intruders.

Do you want to learn more about purchasing outdoor lighting, bathroom fixtures, table lamps and more? Call The Light House at 302-239-8290, Browse Our Site, Contact Us or visit our home lighting center on Yorklyn Road in Hockessin.

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