Different Types of Light Bulbs

When you are selecting new lighting for your Pennsylvania home, you’ll also have to figure out what kind of light bulbs to buy too. With the variety of light bulbs that are on the market these days, you might be a bit confused or overwhelmed by all of the choices. Here is a brief rundown of a few of the light bulbs that are available and what sort of lighting they are best used for.

Incandescent Bulbs
When you imagine a light bulb, this is probably the one you picture. An incandescent bulb uses electricity to heat up a tungsten filament that is within the bulb. This causes it to glow. It is a standard light bulb, and it is best used in table lamps and similar types of lighting within your home.

Halogen Bulbs
Similar to incandescent bulbs, this type of bulb passes electricity through a tungsten filament. This filament is enclosed in a tube that contains halogen gas. This then causes a chemical reaction; the tungsten is removed from the wall of the glass and deposited back onto the filament. These types of bulbs work well for reading because they help reduce eye strain. They are also good for display and outdoor lighting.

Compact Fluorescent
These types of light bulbs work like fluorescent bulbs but they are much smaller. They do not produce much heat and are very efficient and can be used with a dimmer. They’re good for areas in and around your home where the lighting will be turned on and will stay on for awhile (for at least 15 minutes or more). They are not ideal for lighting that is turn on and off regularly.

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