How Choosy Should I Be With My Ceiling Fans?

When it comes to buying ceiling fans for your MD home, you want them to look good or cool and fit well within the decorous set-up of the rooms they will reside in. Colors, shapes and designs all can be found that blend in or feel a part of any room. The true goal behind any ceiling fan though is to keep the air moving. To state the obvious, the ceiling fan does not cool or heat but creates a more balanced and regulated temperature.


Do a little math. For any room smaller than 75 square feet, go with a 29-inch or smaller-sized fan. Any room larger up to around 144 square feet calls for a 30-42” fan.  A 44-48” fan does well up to 225 square feet, beyond that, up to 400 square feet go for a 50-54” blade width. Perhaps a room in question is not a square but is more of a rectangle, longer on one end. Try two separate ceiling fans up to 44”.

Number of Blades

The ideal number of blades for a ceiling fan is generally thought to be three, allowing for optimum air movement. It may be a bit more pleasing to the eye to have additional blades. If more blades look better and can still carry out the task asked of them, do not hesitate as the difference in air movement will not be that dramatic.


The wind chill factor comes into play with ceiling fans. This consists of moving air allowing for our human bodies cooling system to dispose of waste heat more efficiently. During the hotter months of the year, have your blades set so as to blow air downwards to maximize this effect. Go in the opposite direction during the cold months—the old hot air rises adage. Have your blades run clockwise in winter and counterclockwise in summer; based of course upon the direction your blades aim (this being the standard set-up).


For your enclosed porch, do not hesitate to install ceiling fans. This will help keep temperatures comfortable on those sweltering days without the air provided by an air conditioner. If you go this direction, look into the water-resistance or damp-resistance rating. If not designed for outdoor purposes, your blades will not last long.

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