How to Choose the Best Bathroom Lighting for Your DE Home

If you’re in the process of remodeling your DE home’s bathroom, or if you just want to update your DE home’s bathroom lighting, here are a few tips from The Light House on how to go about choosing the best lighting for your DE home.

First, consider the theme or mood of your bathroom. Do you have a more romantic and whimsical look? Or is your bathroom more practical and utilitarian? Is there a particular color you’d like to highlight or a certain accessory you’d like to draw attention to? Match your new DE bathroom lighting to this, but also keep in mind its practical uses. For example, bathroom lighting above the vanity should be bright and clear so everyday grooming is easy, like shaving, brushing your hair or applying makeup. Recessed bathroom lighting usually is not your best choice for vanity lighting because it can cast shadows on your face as you’re looking in the mirror.

After that, coordinate your vanity lighting to smaller, less bright lights that will go over your shower/tub and/or over your toilet. Do you want sconces or flushed mounts? Also, consider the type of lamp finish you want over the fixtures. Try to come up with a cohesive bathroom lighting theme for your DE home.

And for the night time, you might want to consider a small night light that will automatically turn on any time your bathroom lights are turned off. This will make finding your way around in the dark a lot easier!

When you have a few DE bathroom lighting ideas in mind or for some inspiration, come to The Light House and see what we have to offer. Or you can call us at (302) 239-8290 or shop at our online store.

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