How to Choose the Best Bulb for Your Lighting Design

If you have even just a slight interest in lighting design in Delaware, then you know the light bulb you select can really make or break the effect you are trying to achieve. We’ve already covered the three basic types of light bulbs, so here is an even more detailed breakdown of the different types of light bulbs out there and their advantages.

The first term you should know is “Kelvins” (K). This is a unit of measurement that tells you what the bulb’s emitted color is. A candle flame burns at 1500K. Daylight is at 6500K. Cool white light is 7000K.

When your lighting design idea calls for a warmer colored ambiance, you will want to go with a light bulb that has a color temperature of 2700 to 3000 K. If your lighting design calls for a cooler and whiter color, go for 3500 to 4100 K. And if your lighting design calls for a daylight color temperature, go with a bulb that is about 5000 to 6500 K.

A lighting design idea that calls for a light bulb that can dim and emits its full light output capacity right away will need an incandescent light bulb. These are usually the most common type you can find on the market today. You can also purchase LED lighting, which is more environmentally friendly and lasts longer than incandescent bulbs.

If your lighting design calls for a light bulb that has to take some time to warm up and reach its full capacity (for example, bedroom lighting), then you will want to look into compact fluorescent lighting (CFL).

You should also learn about the shape of light bulbs and how they can enhance your lighting design. For example, one of the most popular types of light bulbs are A-shaped bulbs. They are usually used for general lighting and you can use them in a variety of lights and lamps, such as pendant lighting, wall mounts and more.

You can also look into globe-shaped light bulbs for your lighting design. These are great for decorative purposes like bathroom vanities or overhead/ceiling lighting. Thanks to their shape, they are better for decorative functions.

If your lighting design is for the exterior of your home, you should look into PAR reflector bulbs. They are usually used for your patio fixture lighting and landscape lighting.

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