LED Lighting Myths

When you need help with your home’s lighting design in MD, you should visit us here at The Light House. We offer a huge variety of lighting solutions. So no matter what you need, you’ll find it here. We help many different customers with their lighting design needs, and we often hear misconceptions from people about lighting, LED light bulbs and more. We want to clear up a few of these myths, so read on to learn the facts about this type of energy-saving light bulb.

Myth 1: If I don’t switch all of the light bulbs in my house to LED light bulbs, I will not see any savings on my electric bill.

Fact: Even if you switch one light bulb to an LED light bulb, you will still see some savings. One LED light bulb will use 75% less energy and will usually last around 25 times longer than an incandescent light bulb.

Myth 2: LED light bulbs will not work with dimmers, so there is no point in getting them for my dining room or any other room in my home that has a dimmer switch.

Fact: LED light bulbs are an excellent option for dimmer switches because they enable you to have more warmth control of your lights, and they also help to reduce energy consumption. So if you use dimmer switches as part of your home lighting design, you can still buy LED light bulbs and save some money. All you need to do besides purchase the LED bulb is to get an LED dimmer, which is different from a standard incandescent dimmer.

Myth 3: LED light bulbs emit a very harsh light.

Fact: While the old LED light bulbs were not that great for lighting design in your home, the newer kinds of these bulbs allow for more warmth and color. This is great news for those who are interested in lighting design but still want to save a few bucks on their energy bills.

Myth 4: If I turn them on and off frequently, LED light bulbs will burn out faster than other light bulbs.

Fact: LED light bulbs can be turned on and off as frequently as you want without doing any significant damage to how long they should last you. This is another reason LED light bulbs are such a great choice for lighting design of all types!

Myth 5: LED light bulbs are not meant for decorative light fixtures.

New LED bulbs in traditional designs are rapidly appearing on the market. Candle bulbs, globe bulbs, nostalgic bulbs and regular A bulbs are now available in there classic shapes in LED.

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