Lighting Design Tips for a Fresh Outlook

When it’s time to start thinking about updating your home’s décor, new lighting design is a great way to go! Increased lighting or new fixtures can instantly upgrade the look and ambiance of any room in the home. A room you’ve been looking at for years can be seen in a whole new ‘light’ with increased or updated lighting. It’s a simple change that can make a world of difference. So, when you’re planning on updating the lighting design in your Delaware home, trust the experts at The Light House. We have an abundance of lighting design choices and our expertly trained staff can help you make the right decision for you and your home’s lighting needs. Here are some of our top lighting design tips to consider when updating your home’s interior design.

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Add Interest with Layers of Light
When considering the lighting design for any room, it is important to light different zones or areas within it. This way, you will provide light where it’s needed most and add visual interest. Here are the three light ‘layers’ to remember when choosing your lighting fixtures and overall lighting design:

  • Task lighting. It’s a little extra added light for areas where activities and other chores are performed. Tasks that could use some added lighting could be anything from reading a book to chopping food.
  • Ambient lighting. Overhead light like the lighting created by chandeliers and ceiling fixtures is known as ambient lighting.
  • Accent lighting. Add an element of interest to your architecture or décor. Add a light over the focal point in the room, a painting, cabinetry or in your tray ceilings for an element of drama and excitement in the room.

Add Dimmers
Add versatility and drama to your lighting design with dimmer switches and controls, creating a source of light that’s easily customizable to your changing moods and specific needs. For example, by adding a dimmer light to your dining room you can easily transition the room from a place to do homework to the ideal spot for a romantic dinner for two.


Go Linear
If your home features a longer kitchen or dining room table, give it a linear chandelier to match and complement it. Consider a linear chandelier or a string of pendants along the length of the table or countertop.

Make Your Entrance Unforgettable
Your entryway is the very first thing your visitors see of your home and adding a statement-making chandelier in your foyer will make a lasting impression for your guests. Or, if you have a smaller, single-story entryway, an oversized ceiling fixture, sconces or more flush lighting design can add the ambiance you desire.

Position Your Powder Room for Success

Adequate lighting design in your bathroom is very important for a multitude of daily activities from applying makeup to brushing your teeth. Avoid shadows and fully surround your face with proper lighting for a better outlook by adding wall sconces or a fixture over the top of your mirror.

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