Lighting Design Tips in DE | Four Types of Light

Are you looking to do some interior decorating in your Delaware home? One thing you don’t want to forget is the lighting. It is one of the easiest things to overlook when laying out an interior design plan.

You want to make sure that you have enough light to be comfortable, but don’t overdo it. No one likes glaring lights. Make sure the light is balanced within the room and between rooms. There are four types of lighting you should keep in mind while laying out a lighting design for your home.

Ambient Light

Ambient light is low light that fills the areas of the room not under direct light. It is in the background and not the focal point in your lighting design plan. This type of light is good for navigation through a room, especially in the dark. Keep it in mind for when you have the main lights off in a room in your Delaware home.


Task light is the bright light that illuminates the specific areas where visual tasks take place. This type of light is important to incorporate into your Delaware home’s kitchen, bedroom or study lighting design plan. This light is good for anywhere where reading, food preparation or other intensive work will take place.


Accent light is much like task light in the way that it focuses light in one particular area. It can be used to highlight pieces of artwork or create a certain mood in a room. Take the opportunity to highlight any cool pieces you have in your Delaware home.


Decorative lighting is when the light itself is a focal piece of the room. Examples of decorative lighting are chandeliers or lights made to look like candles. They can set the tone for your overall interior design plan. Any of the previous three types of lighting can be used as decorative lighting.

If you incorporate all four types of lighting described above in your Delaware lighting design plan, you’ll be sure to have a well balanced amount of light. Remember that too much or not enough light can cause discomfort, so it’s important to think about it in the planning stages.

If you need help with a lighting design plan in Delaware, call The Light House today at 302-239-8290 or visit our website. We can provide you creative lighting solutions for any environment.

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