Maryland Lighting Fixtures

No matter what you’re doing, you need good lighting. It’s instrumental in properly getting the job or task completed in an efficient manner. Whether it’s home lighting or for your backyard, a good lighting fixture makes all the difference. And here at The Light House, serving Maryland customers, we know how to get you the lighting you need.

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures
The lighting fixtures you select for your Maryland home or office will depend on the room in which you want them installed. Here are things to consider fixtures for the most common rooms:

Bathroom Lighting

  • Vanity lighting aids in allowing us to see ourselves brushing our teeth, put on make up and shave
  • One light over a mirror is a mistake, as it creates a shadow
  • Putting lights on each side of the mirror is a great option, as it more evenly casts brightness
  • Fluorescent bulbs will cast a green hue on the skin
  • Halogen bulbs are the best choice, as they show natural colors

Living Room Lighting

  • Recessed lighting is the most common, and usually the best, option
  • Halogen bulbs are a great option for these rooms, thanks to their bright and natural glow
  • Dimmer switches should be installed to allow “mood” lighting
  • Lighten darken corners with lamps on corner tables

Kitchen Lighting

  • Cabinet lighting will add a beautiful and warm touch to the room
  • Pendant lights over islands or peninsulas make the area the perfect spot to snack or read
  • Overhead, recessed lighting will do the trick in this room
  • The best bulbs to use in this room are, again, halogen bulbs due to the natural ambience it gives off

Dining Room Lighting

  • Chandeliers are the classiest element
  • Incandescent bulbs will set the mood in this room better than any other option
  • A dimmer switch is a must

Bedroom Lighting

  • High hat lights are a great choice. Add a two-way switch so you can turn them off from different locations
  • Elevated ceilings need halogen bulbs, while low ceilings should use incandescent
  • Add wall scones to give the room a decorative touch

Working with The Light House
By working with our staff, you will get a MD company that has and is:

  • Dedicated:We dedicate ourselves to being the best for lighting products and consulting.
  • Expertise: Our crew possesses an extensive amount of lighting knowledge, and we can help you with creative solutions for all locations and environments.
  • One-Stop Shop: With our full-service capabilities, we can provide you a completely designed and installed lighting system of any size.
  • Connections: The Light House works with the best designers and home builders to increase our knowledge.
  • In the Know: We want to stay at the forefront of new technologies, and are always prepared to work with you on unique solutions.

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