Lighting Fixtures: Setting the Mood

In order to be able to set the mood, you have to first figure out what the mood is. Many rooms in your house are probably very functional, and will require a lot of lighting. Other rooms, though may not be used as often, or have special requirements. Evaluating your lighting needs can help you focus on what lighting updates you need to make. If you live anywhere in Delaware, lighting fixtures are abundant at the Light House. In this blog, we’re going to cover some popular areas of the home and what lighting fixtures you may need for each.

Common Spaces

If you have children in your home, there are probably a lot of high-traffic common spaces in your home. These areas will require a lot of light for playing, coloring and more! A common space may also have your entertainment center, in which case you’re probably also going to be spending some time there. Two sets of lights may be an appropriate choice for this type of space. One set of lights can provide a lot of overhead light, while a second set of lighting fixtures, will provide recessed lighting.

Dining Area

The dining area can serve multiple functions. Sometimes the whole family gets together for dinner, in which case you’d probably want a lot of lighting. Other times a romantic dinner may be appropriate, with dimmer lighting. If you have friends over for a dinner party, you might want something in between. A chandelier or lighting fixture with a dimmer may be the perfect solution for the dining area. Then you have the flexibility to have as little, or as much light as you desire.


How does your bedroom function? If you are the type of person who just uses the bedroom primarily for sleeping, you may not need to be too concerned with lighting. If you’re the type of person who likes to multitask in the bedroom, then you’ll need to evaluate your lighting situation. Some people have a television in their bedroom or stay up late doing work. Maybe you are a bookworm, or have a computer in your bedroom. If any of the latter sound like you, you may be in need of some quality lighting fixtures.

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