Maryland Lighting Design Tips

Spring is in the air and you may be in the mood to get back outside! Is a lack of lighting prohibiting you from fully enjoying your landscape? Here, at The Light House, we have many outdoor lighting options. You can get the most of your little piece of the outdoors by following some of the following Maryland lighting design tips.



If you’re a gardener, then you know how proud you are of your garden. You may have a flower garden or some trees that are focal points of your Maryland landscape that you want to show off by adding some lighting design effects to showcase it. Incorporating some small spotlights into your Maryland lighting design plan can really draw attention to your gardens.




Outdoor Living Space

If you have an outdoor living space, then lighting is a necessity. An outdoor fireplace, table or seating area can best be enjoyed at night under some lights. Depending on how close this space is to your home, you could attach a light directly to the exterior of your house. If not, then some free standing posts may be a better option. Whatever your needs are, by working it into your overall MD lighting design, you can achieve the look you’re going for.



If you have a walkway leading from the street to your home or a large property with walkways attaching different parts of your yard, then some lighting may help you navigate safely after the sun sets. Lighting in front of a house can make it seem more welcoming. These pathway lights will help illuminate your journey throughout your yard. As part of your Maryland lighting design plan, you’ll want to keep your walkways in mind.


We have lighting options to fit into any Maryland lighting design plan. If you need lights, contact us today by calling 302-239-8290 or visit our website to see what we have to offer.

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