May Hinkley Lighting Enlighten Your Home

The Lighthouse is proud to offer Hinkley Lighting products to Delaware homes. Specialists in interior and outdoor lighting in myriad forms, types and styles, Hinkley Lighting products will add a hip look to any room or yard that they adorn.

With winter all but here, we will focus on the interior lighting that Hinkley can provide. We carry chandeliers, sconces, pendants, flush and semi-flush mounts for virtually any room within a home.  Enjoy a brief run through of some of the different Hinkley Lighting types that we carry. Any and all are sure to enhance the elegance, class, luxury and coolness of your home.

What enhances a dining room like a good chandelier? Silver, gold, wooden with wrought iron? Fancy versions with little crystals hanging off of them? The choice, of course, is yours but choosing accessorial decorum for your dining room often goes hand in hand with the ambiance already established within the room or home itself. Your options are endless when it comes to Hinkley Lighting chandeliers.

Maybe your pool table needs an awesome light source above it? Perhaps your Christmas wish list will yield you the ultimate game room piece in the form of a pool table. If so, do it all up in one fell swoop by lighting it up. We suggest adding a pendant style light as it hangs down and over the playing surface. If your game room has that general pool hall feel to it, why not take it even further by choosing a light source that mimics what you find out and about in your billiard pursuits? Hinkley Lighting pendants can create that vibe for you!

The hallways are corridors of your home that often do not get the love that they deserve. One cool way to light them up is by adding sconces. Why not create that castle look by adding some of these lights to enlighten your travels through them?

Your living room or den has had the same old school looking table or stand-up lamps for far too long. You have the option of adding track or semi-flush mounts to any ceiling or wall you so desire.

If you would like more information on the Hinkley Lighting products we sell in Delaware, call us at the Light House at 302-239-8290, visit our Home Lighting Center or browse our website. We would be happy to tell you more about the recessed lighting we sell!

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