Security Measures Through Outdoor Lighting Implementation

If you were to put any level of thought into it, you would realize that your home is just as vulnerable as any other out there. To boost the security level of your residence, it is wise to add outdoor lighting to your DE home to enhance nighttime visibility and thwart undesirables from encroaching upon your turf.

Below lie some exciting options and ways to light up your exterior to keep your family secure:

Landscape Lights

A dual-purpose threat, landscape lighting serves to illuminate your landscaping, home and garden features, highlighting the beauty of your yardworking efforts. They also enhance your home’s safety and security. A well lit landscaping and garden area, will make it different for would-be criminals to go unnoticed or to hide under any level of cover behind bushes, shrubbery or trees in your yard.

Lighting on Your Home

This type of lighting decorates your home, adds curb appeal and heightens the aesthetic pleasure that your home brings to any eye. They illuminate doorways, garage doors, windows and any other bit of your home that you wish to highlight. Well placed and bright enough, anyone creeping the immediate exterior of the house itself, will be in plain sight as well creating a large shadow.

Motion Lights

Arguably the best and brightest amongst outdoor lighting security options, these lights turn on when they detect motion. Their level of sensitivity depends on the brand and type of lights being used—you may even be able to customize them down to the level of size of movable object or life-form entering your yard or property (if you are not so concerned about a small deer entering your yard as opposed to a large human with questionable intentions). Popular options because they turn on unexpectedly if someone walks by and is not previously  aware of the lights being in place. Motion lights also help save on electricity since they are not turned on until something or someone goes by and activates them.

We can tell you even more about outdoor lighting and how it can help enhance the safety of you, your loved ones and your home. Visit us to learn even more!

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