Using Outdoor Lighting in Lighting Design

The best way to illuminate and add some drama to the outside of your home is with outdoor lighting. During the night time hours, you can really add some theatrics and improve the looks of your landscaping and outdoor entertainment area. This type of lighting design is popular in Pennsylvania, thanks to the warm and pleasant spring, summer and fall nights that we get around here. Here are a few ways you can use outdoor lighting in your next lighting design plan.

Outdoor lighting can be both functional and fun. You can add a light to the base of a tree to make it a focal point after the sun goes down, and that light can also illuminate an otherwise dark part of your home. Intruders are less likely to try to break into your home if it’s too easy for others to see what they are doing!

Plus, if you have people over or if you are hanging around outside with just a few family members, you need outdoor lights to be able to safely see and walk around. This will especially come in handy if you have visitors that aren’t familiar with the outside of your house. You could possibly save yourself and others some possible injuries if you have adequate lighting outside.

Outdoor lighting can be especially lovely when used in lighting design for pools and hot tubs. You can get pool lights installed, which makes night swimming that much easier and more enjoyable. Soft lighting around the pool can make for a much nicer and more romantic atmosphere as well, or you can get brighter lights around your pool installed (or both!). Either way, the end result is a safer and more fun experience for those who enjoy swimming after dark.

Finally, you can get pendant lights for your sun porch. This is also another great way to add some softer lighting to your patio or sun porch that will allow people to see but without it having to be too bright or glaring.

These are just a handful of lighting design ideas for the outside of your house. Visit us and we can tell you even more!

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