When Should You Use Recessed Lighting?

One of the best ways to brighten a dark room is by using recessed lighting. Pennsylvania homeowners and interior designers have long used recessed lighting to help illuminate basement rooms and other areas of a house that don’t normally get a lot of natural light.

Here are a few tips on the best ways to incorporate recessed lighting into your home. recessed lighting pennsylvania the light house

When you are trying to come up with lighting solutions for your basement, you should definitely think about using recessed lighting. Because the lighting apparatus is installed within the ceiling, recessed lighting never looks too cluttered or makes a room appear smaller than it actually is, and you will still enjoy all of the same benefits of having a regular ceiling lighting fixture installed. It works well in basements because basements tend to have lower ceiling heights, and recessed lighting does not take up any space outside of the ceiling.

Try to avoid installing your recessed lighting in a straight line. Instead, install it in small groups or clusters of lights. You might only need two lights, but depending on the space you could end up using as many as five or six lights in a group.

Recessed lighting is also a great way to illuminate a specific focal point in your home. You might want to draw attention to a family portrait or to an interesting sculpture. Recessed lighting does this in a non-intrusive way that keeps eyes focused on that item without over-doing it. It’s also practical and nice to use as kitchen lighting.

If you are going for a minimalist look in a room, recessed lighting is a great solution for that as well. All you see of the light is the bulb, its casing and the ring. You do not have to worry that the lighting is too gaudy or will detract from the look or effect you’re trying to achieve from that room. But the best part about recessed lighting is you can jazz it up a bit if you want to: there are decorative rings for those who are interested in having designs on a small part of their recessed lighting.

But, really, this type of home lighting solution can be used almost anywhere in your home. You can really use your imagination and come up with a variety of ways to utilize this light and use it to your advantage.

If you would like more information how how to use recessed lighting in your Pennsylvania home, call us at The Light House at 302-239-8290, visit our Home Lighting Center or browse our website. We would be happy to tell you more about the recessed lighting we sell!

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